Hello travelers!

We are Daniela and Sava, Wellness Advocates with doTERRA  Essential Oils. We love to travel the world and explore the unknown! doTERRA essential oils have changed our life physically, emotionally and financially. We know that many of you struggle to find balance in life the same way as we did. We deeply and sincerely believe that doTERRA  Essential Oils can positively impact you and your family wellbeing.

If you are looking for a natural way to support your health and balance your lifestyle this is for you. We will spend with you enough time to teach you how properly, safely and effectively to use doTERRA essential oils. If you want to get your oils for free, supplement your income or build your dream life no matter where you live, we can help you as well. Enjoy the little things in life, laugh loud, smile often and help with a pure heart. Be blessed!


The doTERRA Difference

Unlike others in the essential oils industry, doTERRA is built on firm science. doTERRA employs more than 30 scientists and boasts 2,200 square feet in cutting-edge laboratory space. While others in the essential oil industry cut corners during the planting, growing, and harvesting process, or even try to “extend” pure oils by adding less expensive ingredients, doTERRA is uncompromisingly selective.

doTERRA developed this rigorous criteria to certify that its oils contain no added fillers, synthetic ingredients, or harmful contaminants. Utilizing its own facilities, as well as trusted third-party labs, doTERRA essential oils undergo the CPTG process to ensure that customers receive the highest quality oil, every time. Each batch of doTERRA essential oils goes through a battery of rigorous tests to ensure you and your family receive only the most pure, potent, and effective oils on earth.

Enter your unique Quality ID to view GC/MS test results from an independent, verified third party lab at sourcetoyou.com

doTERRA Co-Impact Sourcing

Often experienced essential oils farmers, harvester, growers and distillers in underdeveloped areas are paid unfairly or taken advantage of, limiting their ability to escape poverty. Co-Impact Sourcing provides the tools needed to help lift these families and communities out of poverty and promote economic development.


The Aromatouch Technique

The AromaTouch Technique is a simple yet powerful way to provide every individual with an essential oil experience. The AromaTouch technique is an essential oil application applied to the back and the feet to create a feeling of overall wellness. Anyone who has a passion for dōTERRA® essential oils can use the AromaTouch Technique, developed by Dr. David K. Hill, D.C., to provide people with an uplifting essential oil experience.

Our Mission is to help you live healthy and more fulfilling life.

We believe that each person deserves happy and financially rewarding life. If you are ready to learn and grow, start today!


Let’s Take An Adventure!

We love to meet with fellow travelers and explore the world together! The adventure is not only about the areas you are checking out, but the people you are checking them out with.

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